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My professional career started out in coffee shops selling my baked goods and specials to people in the community. I went to culinary school and, for 8 years, I worked on the line as a cook in restaurants. While it was fun, I was really missing that human interaction from knowing my customers like I did in the coffee shops.


I was laid off from my restaurant job back at the beginning of the pandemic and it really had me thinking what I wanted to do. I made a batch of macarons as a gift for a friend, who shared it with her sister, who then asked me to make macarons for a baby shower. I said “why not?” and that snowballed into more people asking for macarons and naturally, Colee Cakees was born. 


It's funny, back when I was deciding what my major would be - culinary or pastry - I ended up choosing culinary because I wanted to keep baking as a hobby so I would continue to enjoy it. Well, here I am 8 years later with a baking business and enjoying every second of it!  


I'm so incredibly excited to see where this takes me! Thanks for all the follows, shares, and support!! You all are amazing!

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